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Monday, September 21, 2009

Top Ten Female Fitness Stars in August

I almost let September slip by without doing a Top Ten Female Fitness Stars for August list, so here goes.....

Jennifer Nicole Lee

1. Jennifer Nicole Lee
Easily the most popular woman on this blog.
"La Tigra" is not only drop dead gorgeous, but smart and inspirational.
This beauty just got finished successfully defending her WBFF Ms Bikini Diva title.
I like her so much that I even created a whole Hub Page just for her.

2. Lisa Lowe
Another lady that I did a Hub Page on is the beautiful 90s fitness star Lisa Lowe.
Lisa still seems to be very popular.

3. Alana Reis
Kind of a surprise to me is that another 90's fitness model Alana Reis came out of nowhere and into the number three postion.

4. Anna Merchan
Female fitness competitor and fitness model Anna Merchan came in at number four.

5. Jackie Roberts
FAME Bikini Model Pro, Women's Tri-Fitness Athlete, ON/ABB Sponsored Athlete, fitness model, swimwear model and a personal fitness trainer Jackie Roberts came in at number five.
Yet another lady I did a Hub Page on.

6. Andrea Cox
Fitness and glamor model Andrea Cox came in at number six.

7. Angelique Beltier
Another 90s fitness model and former Ms. National Fitness competitor Angelique Beltier came in at number seven.

8. Gabrielle Resnick
One of my favorite fitness models ever, Gabrielle Resnick (Gabrielle Young) came in at number eight

9. Charlene Rink
IFBB Pro Fitness competitor, wrestler, mixed wrestler and boxer Charlene Rink came in at number nine.

10. Denise Delzell
And finally, fitness competitor and fitness model Denise Delzell rounds out the top ten.

Top Ten Female Fitness Stars in August, posted to http://femalefitnessfigurebodybuilders.blogspot.com/ on Sept 21st, 2009

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