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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sherry Goggin Revisited

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I did an entry on Sherry Goggin (Sherry Goggin Giardina) back in 2007 but this lady is definitely worth another look.
She was popular in the muscle magazines back in the 90's and she is still going strong without missing a step.
Sherry is a Ms. Fitness America Champion from Chattanooga, Tennessee and she has an incredible lean, shapely and muscular physique.
She is an actress, spokesmodel, real estate agent, and the VP of the Trainers Association.
Sherry has appeared in Physical, Ironman, Oxygen and BUILT magazines among many more.
This 5'6", 108 pound beauty is not one to just sit around. Visit her website and look at all the things she is doing right now.

And did you know that she was a contestant on the original "American Gladiators" back in 1991?

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